Lesson Evaluation 2

Evaluation of lesson number: 2
Date of lesson: 17th August 2011


  • Todays specific mathematical objectives were continue expanding students knowledge of Multiplication Facts by using Games and Arrays
Students that achieved these objectives: 
  • Nathan found most tasks we set quite easy, and sometimes came across as bored. He is a high achiever, as is Sophie, she found these tasks quite easy, but was happy to discuss her answers and working out, where as Nathan would become easily distracted once finished his set task. Sage is the student in the middle of Nathan and Sam, our tasks seem to be just right for her level wise. Sam is still having trouble with her multiplication facts and often used the wall to search for answers.
  • Mathematical language revised was Multiplication, Multiples, Division and Times.
  • Multiplication Bingo
  • Counter Tiles
  • Uno Cards
  • Deck of Cards
  • Unifixes
  • Pencils/Books


  • The games that were set were very appropriate. We should have expanded on the Restaurant task more. Nathan had the answer worked out very quickly. If we had extension questions such as “If we pushed 4 tables together, how many customers could our restaurant fit?”, we could have bought some more time for the students who still needed to work out the first answer, rather than him just sitting there.
Next Lesson:
  • Next lesson we are still going to focus on Multiplication, however try and up the anti work wise for the faster 2. We can split Nathan and Sophie into half and Sage and Sam- we can work in groups according to ability level, and maybe set some harder tasks/extensions for Nathan and Sophie.
Here are some photos of the group making Arrays: 

One thought on “Lesson Evaluation 2

  1. Danielle – it’s great to see you recognise the different needs and abilities of your group. You will certainly need to keep it in mind with planning lessons and scaffolding tasks. I’d still like to see more individual detail on the students’ understanding and misconceptions please.

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