Lesson Evaluation 3

Evaluation of lesson number: 3
Date of lesson: 24th of August 2011


  • Todays specific mathematical objectives were continue expanding students knowledge of Multiplication Facts through games and activities
Students that achieved these objectives: 
  • Todays games were finally on the right wave length for the students. The spider game was a fun first activity for the lesson, even though it was easy for all the students to find the answers using the dice, because they were so excited and eager to finish, as it was a race that they all often made mistakes, and added the numbers, not multiplied. This task was easy and fun. The farmyard activity however was interesting, Nathan is our brightest student and he only got 1 out of 4 correct. When we asked him how he was finding the answers he told us he was adding on, not multiplying. Sophie was using her multiplication knowledge, and after the 3rd puzzel I helped Sam work out a better strategy. She then proceeded to easily find the answer to the last question. This game was appropriate because it showed students there is more than one way to find the same answer, and it was interesting to see how different students used different methods.
  • Mathematical language revised was Multiplication, Multiples, Division and Times, Repeated Addition
  • Whiteboard Markers
  • Farmyard cut outs – fences and animals
  • Activity Sheets
  • Dice
  • Pencils/Books


Next Lesson:
  • Next lesson we are still going to focus on Multiplication. We can split Nathan and Sophie into half and Sage and Sam- we can work in groups according to ability level, and maybe set some harder tasks/extensions for Nathan and Sophie. However today the way we worked, seemed to be ok for different ability students yet we all participated in the same game.
Here are some artifacts from the lesson:

One thought on “Lesson Evaluation 3

  1. Danielle – I thought this was a terrific lesson developing multiplicative thinking strategies. Good use of hands on materials and the spider game was appropriate too. Good to see these ideas continuing next week.

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